This Site is in celebration of the bicentenary of

St.Colman`s Catholic Church, Clare, Tullylish, Co.Down

1805 ~ 2005



This historic church, cradled, as it is, in the surrounding hills is a landmark in more ways than one. It is especially a monument to the staunch faith and devoted loyalty of the people of the Clare for many generations. St Colman's Church has stood as a silent witness of the joys and sorrows of the people of this district throughout the years. Here they came with joy and pride to have their children baptised, with happiness and hope to pledge their marriage vows before the altar; and finally to mourn their loved ones, or be laid to rest beneath its shadow. This church has been central to all that is most precious in their lives, especially in the weekly celebration of Mass. Every Sunday morning for the past two hundred years, the community, young and old have converged upon this Church to pay homage to God and exchange greetings with their neighbours.


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